Stop #3: St. Leonard

Stop #3 on our Fish Fry Tour took us to St. Leonard’s Parish, a short drive from the Ohio River and the famous water tower.


Despite the fact that the fish fry was held on St. Patrick’s Day, the fish fry was quite busy.  The wait in line for food was 30 minutes, wrapping around the “antechamber” so to speak.  Fortunately, a bar was close by to allow for beverages to be consumed during waiting.

A curious sight on the way to the food was the fryer stationed outside.  Fortunately, there was a tent to protect from the elements.


There were likely other fryers elsewhere, given the number of people in line.  That said, the wait was worth it again.


As you can see, the dinner had plenty of Irish “craic”:  fish, chips, Guinness, and lots’o’green.  Some mac’n’cheese, a hush puppy, and apple crisp gave the dinner some added Southern flair.  Quite good for $12.

Of course, a St. Patrick’s Day dinner isn’t complete without:….


Green beer!  Yes, first time I’ve had green beer, but there is a first time for everything!

Not pictured is another staple of Kentucky around this time of year:  March Madness games.  Rhode Island had just beaten Creighton and UNC had defeated Texas Southern during dinner.  

Our next stop:  Guardian Angels!  

Stop #3: St. Leonard

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