2017 Fish Fry Stop #1: St. Albert the Great

The fish fry tour officially kicked off this past Friday with a stop at St. Albert the Great in the Graymoor-Devondale neighborhood.


This fish fry is similar to many other suburban parishes, where the fish fry is held in the school gym with many volunteers being parents of the students at the parish school.  Despite the fish fry not showing up in the original listing of the archdiocesan fish fries (now included in the current schedule), this fry was well-attended, as the group waited over 45 minutes in line for food.  Fortunately, the beverage station was located well before the food stand, so you could quench your thirst during the wait.  

The menu featured some new side items that I had not seen in the Louisville fries I’ve attended before.  Before scrolling down, can you figure out what they are?


Answer:  apple sauce and potato rounds.  The potato rounds are especially prevalent, as they are a part of the fish fry dinner plate.  The apple sauce is a good side for the many children in attendance.


As always, I went with the fried fish, with sides of Mac n’ cheese and green beans.  You may notice that I had no dessert, which was part due to the dessert table being off in the corner and part being ready to eat after the long wait.  As you can also see, the food was plentiful for the night.20170303_190949

For the amount of food that you will receive, this was a pretty good deal.  With the Bud Light, the total cost was $10.50, which is on the lower end for fish fries in town.  

For our first week, it was a good start to the tour.  I do recommend arriving early, though, as this is clearly a popular spot on Friday nights.  St. Albert’s will be running their fish fries on all Fridays in March, from 5-7:30.  They are located at 1395 Girard Drive.

By the way, those pull tabs were all losing tickets.  One of these times I will win!



2017 Fish Fry Stop #1: St. Albert the Great

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