Fish Fry At St. Michael’s, March 18th

Our penultimate fish fry led us to the east end of Jefferson County to St. Michael’s Church, one of the fastest growing parishes in the archdiocese.  We were not at the fish fry long, as we arrived later than usual.  As such, we actually missed dessert (a true penance!), but was able to celebrate a Holy Hour in honor of 2 seminarians who were recently ordained deacons.  Congratulations Casey Sanders and Michael Martin!

The menu showed two new items:  Jalapeño poppers and mozzarella sticks.


I am actually surprised we have not seen those items this year, given how they are Lent friendly, and also somewhat child friendly.  Alas, I stuck with a familiar meal:  fried fish with green beans, onion rings, and Coors Light.


As mentioned, I did not have dessert this time, as they had run out by the time we were seated.  It was also less crowded than expected because we ate towards the end of the shift.    My guess is that given the size of the parish and the school attached, we missed rush hour.

One thing that was missed (again, probably due to our late arrival) were the typical side items, like cake wheels and raffles.  Instead, since it’s March, there were a couple TV screens for the March Madness games.  The game on the screen that night was Texas A&M vs. UW-Green Bay, eventually won by the Aggies.  (NOTE:  The author of this blog is a Wisconsin Badger fan.  While the UW-Pittsburgh game was on at the time, none of the TV screens were playing the…well, what one would call a game.  Nonetheless, they prevailed.)

We were also joined by two native Panamanians for our tour this week.  They tried the fish and the Jalapeño poppers.  It ended up being their first fish fry ever, as Panama does not hold fish fries, despite being a primarily Catholic country.  They thoroughly enjoyed the new experience.

Fish Fry At St. Michael’s, March 18th

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