Fish Fry Stop #4: St. Stephen Martyr

The most recent stop on the fish fry tour took us to St. Stephen Martyr near the Audubon Park neighborhood.


This was our first stop on the tour that took place in a school gym, our first of three upcoming stops that are like this.  This is the typical setup that you find in Louisville:  fish fries held in cafeteria gyms.  The most popular fish fries tend to be at parishes where there is a flourishing elementary school, as families will go to those fish fries together.

Our crew was fortunate to make it on a night with a special on side items:  $1 per side item.   As promised, I finally tried the rolled oysters.  Quite tasty, but definitely something I had never tried before.  Inside the rolled oyster was a breading similar to what you’d find in a hush puppy with three oysters.  Add some cocktail sauce, and these are a must have.


As with other fish fries, I also got the chance to participate in some of the side activities.  This week, I tried the cake/cookie wheel.  A popular fundraiser at the St. Joseph’s Orphan Picnic in August, the cake wheel makes many appearances at parish events.  The concept is simple:  place a dime on a number that you think the wheel (this one made from an old bicycle wheel) will stop on.  At the time that I played, you were allowed to place your dime on the corners of numbers you thought would win.  Thus, your chances of winning would improve from 1 in 100 to 1 in about 64.  I played these numbers each time, and eventually won a box of red velvet cookies:


This was also our second straight fish fry with live music, which helped liven up the environment.  There was also a raffle for a “meat basket” (not to be eaten on Friday, of course!) where you could win a basket of fine meats from nearby Frank’s Meat and Produce.  I wasn’t a winner that day, but it might be worth a stop in the future.

Fish Fry Stop #4: St. Stephen Martyr

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