Cardinal Ritter K of C Fish Fry


Our next stop on the fish fry tour took us to Indiana, the first time the Crew headed across the Ohio River.  The council is located in downtown New Albany, within a few hundred feet of the Ohio River and nestled among the historic mansions that line Main Street.

Our crew had grown to over 20 members, which included some of the Dominican Friars at St. Louis Bertrand.  The group had to split into 2 tables because of the size of our group.  Here’s the table with the Friars in attendance:


The menu was smaller than last week’s menu at St. Joseph’s, but still offered a variety of side items via the salad bar, something not seen at other fish fries.  The traditional cole slaw was available along with salad with the regular fixings.  Also available were oysters and shrimp.


This fish fry was set up very similar to a made-to-order supper club.  After ordering at the cash station, you would take a number to then place at your table.  The cashier will send that number back to the kitchen via the electronic register, where they will bring out your entree.  You could head to the salad bar while waiting for your entree.  Wait time for our group was about 5-7 minutes.  Between the salad bar and perusing the table of crafts that the Lady Knights were selling, the wait was not an issue.


I kept my meal basic this week:  the fish dinner, which consisted of 2 fish fillets, with French fries, along with a bowl of cole slaw from the salad bar and a slice of carrot cake from the Lady Knights table (not shown in picture below, but very tasty).  As you can see, the fillets were well sized pieces of fish, enough for 2 sandwiches.  Along with the drink, this made for a very satisfying drink.


Of course, a fish fry is not complete without a separate fundraiser or cause.  At Cardinal Ritter, there were 2 of those:  the first cause, which received the tips from the bar, was the Cardinal Ritter Birthplace Foundation.  Cardinal John Ritter, the namesake of the Knights council, was born in New Albany and is currently the only native of Indiana to become a Catholic cardinal.  The Birthplace Foundation, founded in 2004, was founded as a community outreach center to continue the work of Cardinal Ritter.  The outreach center, which was the birthplace of Cardinal Ritter, is located an 11 minute walk from the council.  For more information, check out their website here.

The second charity was the Knights of Columbus Christian Refugee Relief Fund.  The council was selling solidarity crosses made of olive wood for $10 a piece.  These crosses would help Christians in the Middle East who are being persecuted for their faith, helping them with housing and medical care.  This initiative is being taken up by many councils throughout the country, and as the flyer suggests, is a symbol of solidarity, unity, and hope.


For more information and to donate to this program, you can check out the Knights of Columbus’ Christian Refugee Relief Fund page here.

Overall, another successful fish fry weekend.  As we’ve learned this year so far, it’s tough to beat Knights of Columbus fish fries.

Cardinal Ritter K of C Fish Fry

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