Ash Wednesday Fish Fry

Ash Wednesday is not often thought of as a fish fry day, maybe more of a soup and bread kind of day. Nonetheless, a few parishes in Louisville hosted a fish fry.

With some extra time, I headed to St. Thomas More Parish in South Louisville.


Given that it was not a Friday, there was not a large crowd, which allowed for a more contemplative feeling to the meal. The venue itself is smaller, situated in the basement of the old school building. At the time, about 20 or so people were eating.

While fish was the main offering, they were also selling vegetarian gumbo.  I stuck with the usual: fish on rye with a side of macaroni and cheese (which, oddly enough, is served more often in the South than up north) and onion rings.


Along with the partaking in the food, I also decided to buy some pull tabs, a staple of church festivals.  Below are my 8 losers:


Each of these cost 25 cents.  The object of the pull tabs is to have a combination  of “B-I-N-G-O” of the same color.  The winnings depend on the color (from $1 to $50).  The following would have won $5, but lacked a “B.”


Also at the fish fry was a cake wheel, but I did not take photos of the wheel.  Nonetheless, it won’t be the last we will see this year.

Ash Wednesday Fish Fry

One thought on “Ash Wednesday Fish Fry

  1. True that!
    Cake wheels are all over the place, and, truthfully, I don’t recall them all that much in Milwaukee. But, they’re found at every/any fundraiser in Louisville… Hooray cultural differences.


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