Our Next Stop: St. Joseph in Butchertown

For the first fish fry of Lent 2016, the Fish Fry Crew will be heading to the Butchertown neighborhood in Louisville and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.

St. Joe's Louisville

This parish is one of the oldest mainstays in Louisville.  Established in 1866 and celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, St. Joseph was established as a German parish for the many immigrants who worked in the meat packing industry in the neighborhood.  The current church building was built in 1871 and still features many of the original stained glass windows and statues.  (For a nice view of one of the side altars, check this photo out from The Roamin’ Catholic:  St. Joseph Side Altar)  Its most noted features are the twin steeples that are visible from a long distance that often bring comparisons to the twin spires at Churchill Downs.

Unfortunately, much of the exterior is beginning to see some strong decay and has for some time.  If you were to look closely at the roof of church, you will notice that many of the shingles are coming off the roof.  A local news channel recently reported on the damages to the roof and the cost to make the repairs.  You can check out the article here, as well as a video from a drone that flew over the church to assess the condition of the roof:  WHAS 11 Article

Details For Friday Meet-Up

If you would like to join us, we will meet at the school building to the east of the church at 6:15 this Friday, February 12.  St. Joseph Catholic Church is located at 1406 E. Washington Street in Louisville.  As with most fish fries, don’t forget to bring cash!  Not every place will accept credit or debit cards.

Our Next Stop: St. Joseph in Butchertown

One thought on “Our Next Stop: St. Joseph in Butchertown

  1. Indeed! Those arguably-iconic spires can be seen by any visitor or passer-through on I-64/71 heading east.

    God willing they can preserve and strengthen that parish both structurally and spiritually.


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